"Together, we can show how great idols can be!"

Welcome to Texas Idol Festival's official carrd! This is your ultimate source to finding out information about our upcoming idol festivals and related events around Texas and the US.

Welcome to the Festival!

Texas Idol Festival (TIF) is a Texas based organization made up of prominent, passionate members of the western Japanese idol culture community. Our goal is to spread awareness of Japanese idol culture and give Texas based, national, and international idol talent opportunities to perform in a unique, community-like concert format.

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    Events & Auditions

    Anime CTXAustin, TXMay 24-26, 2019Feedback
    Project: A-KonFort Worth, TXJune 27-30, 2019TBA
    San JapanSan Antonio, TXAugust 30 - September 1, 2019Audition Now
    Delta H ConHouston, TXSeptember 20-22, 2019TBA

    About Us

    Texas Idol Festival (TIF) is a Texas based organization made up of prominent, passionate members of the western Japanese idol culture community. Our goal is to spread awareness of Japanese idol culture and give Texas based, national, and international idol talent opportunities to perform in a unique, community-like concert format.

    In 2016, our founders, Nyaru and Martha Marie, began attending anime conventions across Texas and the United States hosting idol festivals, informative panels about idol culture, and idol dance gatherings. TIF has also helped other idol festivals and our affiliates host idol panels and events across the country. Currently, we officially hold events at 5 Texas based anime conventions.

    We strive to give an accurate representation and spread awareness of Japanese idol culture. We go by out motto "Together, we can show how great idols can be" as a promise to bring the idol community together and show the passion, beauty, and raw, growing talent that makes idol culture amazing. We hope you can join us in our mission and to see you at one of our events soon!



    Idol Culture 101
    Description: Okay. So you've seen Love Live. Maybe some Idolm@ster. But what are idols anyway? What do they do? And why are there so many? These questions and more will be answered here, and you'll have a chance to dive into Japanese pop music history. Maybe you'll find that you're an idol fan already!

    Wotagei for Dummies
    Description: Never tried Wotagei, but would like to learn the basics? Come join the Texas Idol Festival as we explore the basics of Wotagei in the Idol Culture. Don't forget to bring your penlight or light stick if you have one!


    Idol Dance Gathering
    Description: Do you get excited and start dancing to that one song? Don't do it alone! Join us to dance the night away to boppin' J-Pop and K-Pop tunes! Requests for J-Pop and K-Pop songs will be taken through out the gathering.

    Odottemita Workshop
    Description: Odottemita , or "I tried to dance", is a style of dance popularized by a hashtag started on the video sharing site, Nico Nico Douga. Learn tips, tricks, and a new dance and experience what makes Odottemita a unique dance genre.

    Themed Random Dance Parties
    Description: K-Pop? J-Pop? Anisong? Vocaloid? Group vs. Group?? We can do it all! We theme each random dance party differently to help attendees learn about different asian pop genres, groups, and soloists. Dance along to favorites while discovering something new!


    Event FAQ

    What is Texas Idol Festival?Texas Idol Festival (TIF) is a Texas based organization made up of prominent, passionate members of the western Japanese idol culture community. Our goal is to spread awareness of Japanese idol culture and give Texas based, national, and international idol talent opportunities to perform in a unique, community-like concert format. Read more about us here
    What is an idol festival?An idol festival is an event where idol talent, from soloists to groups, come together to perform on a shared stage. The goal of an idol festival is to not only bring multiple sub-idol communities and fans together, but to also bring idol talent together as a community to share the passion and excitement of idol culture. We heavily inspire our idol festivals based off Tokyo Idol Festival, the worlds largest and longest idol festival.
    How do we run TIF?Our idol festival is typically a two hour long event that hosts seven different idol soloists and groups to perform on stage for 15 minutes at a time. All organization of the festival from managing the performers to providing information about the performers is done through our main organizers. What makes our festival unique is we require all performers to learn a dance for a special final number at the end of the festival. A new dance is picked for every event and symbolizes the unity of the idol community.
    What happens before the idol festival?We go through four phases in order: Audition, Judging, Announcement, and Preparation. In the Audition phase, we hold a audition process where soloists and groups can audition to be considered as part of the official lineup. Auditions forms are done through Google Forms and are posted 3-5 months prior to the event. In the Judging Phase, the organizers come together for the judging phase. You can read more about how we judge the auditions in the Audition FAQ below. In the Announcement phase, we contact each audition to confirm acceptance or rejection. We then announce our official lineup for the festival through social media and add lineup to any websites if requested. Finally, in the Preparation phase, we begin working one-on-one with performers to help them understand our guidelines, requirements, and work on the final dance number. To help assure a smooth experience, we make a handbook specifically for each festival that includes event information, due dates, important reminders, recommendations, tips, etc. for the performers to refer to and make their experience smooth.
    What happens during the idol festival?Before the festival, we begin by setting up 1-2 dress rehearsal times to run through each performer's audio, make sure everyone can get a feel of the stage. and communicate with audio, video, and other staff to ensure communication on what is required. These rehearsals can last to 1-4 hours depending on time given. Once it comes time for the main festival, we gather all the performers an hour before to get them settled backstage or in an a specific area, go through our final number, double check audio, and make final preparations before the big show. Once everything checks out, we begin!
    What happens after the idol festival?The festival doesn't have to end just yet. If the opportunity is given by the event, we host a Idol Meet and Greet where the audience can meet the performers face to face, get pictures, sign autographs, buy merchandise, and shake hands just like idols in Japan! This is typically scheduled two to three hours after the festival to allow performers time to rest, eat, and prepare merchandise tables/setups.
    How many idol festivals have you hosted?Texas Idol Festival has currently hosted 9 idol festivals at 5 different conventions around Texas since 2016. You can find more information about our history and major achievements here.
    Can you conduct panels or gatherings?We have 2 original panels with more being created every year! We also can host a variety of other events like dance gatherings and dance workshops/tutorials. You can read more about our original panels and other kinds of events we host here. If you have a proposal on an event or panel, please contact us at texasidolfestival@gmail.com.
    I'm interested in having TIF host an idol festival at my convention. How can I get in contact?You can contact Texas Idol Festival via e-mail at texasidolfestival@gmail.com. If you would like to contact the orgnaizers directly, you can contact Milky Kitty (Founder and Head Organizer) at milkykittychu@gmail.com or Martha Marie (Co-Founder) at marthacmarvelous@gmail.com. For more information on contact, click here. Please allow 24-48 hours to be contacted back from all contacts.

    Audition FAQ

    HOW DO YOU JUDGE THE ENTRIES?After closing submissions, the organizers come together for the judging phase. We judge the auditions based on location (local to area and out of state/country have priority), quality of information provided (well written biographies, professional pictures, social media(s), etc.), quality of performance video example(s), social media following (all platforms are considered), if they have previously contributed to the community other than performing (hosting panels, dance workshops, cosplay and dance gatherings, etc.), and professionalism/past performances/behavior/etc. in previous TIF events.
    DO I SUBMIT AS A SOLOISTS OR GROUP?This depends if you want to perform by yourself or in a group. If you wish to perform by yourself, select soloist. If you wish to perform with a group consisting of 2 or more members, select group. If you select group, please give an exact number of members who will be participating the day of the festival. Accuracy will help us immensely.
    WHAT IS A STAGE NAME? CAN I PUT MY REAL NAME?A stage name is a name assumed for professional purposes by an actor or other performer! You are free to submit a stage name or your original name. This will not effect your audition.
    WHAT OTHER KIND OF INFORMATION DO I NEED TO PROVIDE?You will need to provide the following information: a bio/description, a high quality image of you and/or your group (logos accepted), and social media links that represent you or your group. Bio, Picture, and Social Media Links will be used for convention websites to display your information to our attendees. Depending on event, this information is subjected to change. We will email you if any information is missing or does not meet our criteria. You will have to resubmit with correct information.
    CAN I PERFORM OTHER ASIAN GENRES LIKE K-POP?Our mission is to spread awareness of Japanese idol culture while giving Texas based, national, and international idol talent a resource to perform in a unique, community-like, concert format. While we accept a variety of Asian genres, we ask a majority of your song selections be from Japanese idol genre or J-Pop to fit our mission. However, if a K-Pop song has a Japanese version, you may perform the song with the majorty of your setlist being from the J-Pop genre.
    CAN WE SUBMIT VIDEO(S) ONLY SHOWING A FEW OF OUR MEMBERS?We ask all video being submitted to us show all members who will be participating at the festival. This will help us during our selection phase. If a group video cannot be provided, please provide different videos that showcase the participating members.
    AM I REQUIRED TO LEARN THE FINAL NUMBER?All performers who audition and accepted are required to learn the final number dance we selected for any festival. During the convention, we will set up practices times to be able to go over the dance you learned. You are also required to come to those practice times. If you come and do not have the dance down, you will not be able to participate in the final number and this will effect your future submissions to any Texas Idol Festival related event. We highly recommend to start learning the dance before or after you submit your audition. Please do not wait until you are accepted to begin learning the dance.
    HOW MANY GROUPS AND SOLOISTS WILL YOU ACCEPT?We accept up to 7 total acts for a 2 hour time slot. Depending on the event, time available and number of submissions, these numbers are expected to change. We will post our final lineup as we get closer to our event. Keep up to date with who performs on our Facebook and other social media! Note: We limit the number of anime based idol groups depending on how many submit. So far, we only accept 2 per festival. This is subjected to change depending on theme of the festival and number of submissions we receive
    WHAT ABOUT MY PERFORMANCE TIME AND SETLIST?Like mentioned before, we generally have a 2 hour time slot for the whole festival. We divide up the time between 7 acts which allows a 15 minute time limit for each act. Most of our performers have been able to fit 3 full songs and their introduction talk/MC within that time. However, you can use this time however you like as long as it is under 15 minutes! After being accepted, you will be asked to turn in a setlist of the songs you are performing in order along with the audio files. We will not accept YouTube ripped audio. Please provide the highest quality audio you can provide. IF THERE ARE ANY SONG CONFLICTS, IT MUST BE SORTED OUT BETWEEN THE ACTS. TIF STAFF WILL ONLY GET INVOLVED IF AN AGREEMENT CANNOT BE MADE

    Still have a question? E-mail us at texasidolfestival@gmail.com!

    History of Texas Idol Festival


    Major Achievements
    -Debuted at San Japan 009
    -First Idol Festival in San Antonio, TX
    -First Idol Festival in Texas
    -First Idol Festival in United States of America

    Texas Idol FestivalSan Japan 009Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TXSeptember 3rd, 2016

    Major Achievements
    -Began Partnership with AnimeCTX and IKKiCON
    -First Idol Festival in Round Rock, TX
    -First Idol Festival in Austin, TX
    -First Out-Of-State Idol to Perform in TIF
    -First Official Livestream of a TIF Event
    -Introduced "Meet and Greets"
    -Debuted "Idol Culture 101" and "Wotagei for Dummies" panels

    Anime CTX Idol FestivalAnime CTXMarriott Austin North in Round Rock, TXAugust 5th, 2017
    Texas Idol Festival Vol. 2San Japan XHenry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TXSeptember 2nd, 2017
    IKKiCON Winter Idol FestivalIKKiCONRenaissance Hotel in Austin, TXDecember 30th, 2017

    Major Achievements
    -Began partnership with Project: A-Kon and Delta H Con
    -First Idol Festival in Fort Worth, TX
    -First Idol Festival in Houston, TX
    -Held first two day Idol Festival at IKKiCON

    Texas Idol Festival H₂IDOLProject: A-KonFort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TXJune 9th, 2018
    Anime CTX Summer Idol FestivalAnime CTXMarriott Austin North in Round Rock, TXJune 30th, 2018
    Beat the Heat Idol FestivalDelta H ConHouston Marriott Westchase in Houston, TXJuly 14th, 2018
    Texas Idol Festival: M@GICAL IDOLSan Japan XIHenry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TXSeptember 1st, 2018
    IKKiCON Winter Idol FestivalIKKiCONRenaissance Hotel in Austin, TXDecember 29th- 30th, 2017

    Contact Us

    Thank you for reaching out to us! If you have any questions or inquires, please click on an icon to redirect you to our social media profiles and e-mail. You can also contact the founder and co-founder individually below.
    Please allow 24-48 hours for response time from all contact sources.

    Texas Idol Festival
    Idol Festivals, Events, and Panels
    E-mail: texasidolfestival@gmail.com

    Alana Saldana (nyaruchuuu)
    E-mail: nyaruchuuu@gmail.com

    Martha Marie
    E-mail: marthacmarvelous@gmail.com